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It's not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm just trying to find another way. Edie Sedgwick
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Adam Brody for GQ Korea // Photographer:  Hong Jang Hyun
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my existence in one photo

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I told my gay friend that I was serving fish and he laughed and said I wasn’t? Okay….. I filleted this cod for nothing I guess?

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― an angel haze appreciation post ―


[trigger warning: rape, child sexual abuse, physical abuse, self-harm, suicide, eating disorder, psychological trauma]


* all gifs i included aren’t mine. if you’d like me to remove them, just let me know!

  • she’s a survivor 
  • releases a lot of free songs on soundcloud. now go listen to every single one of them. the trigger warnings above apply to quite a few of the songs, because a lot of her music is about her own experiences. 
  • she’s conscious of social issues.her remix of new slaves really showcases that. it tackles racism, rape culture, etc. 
  • watch her music video for battle cry. [trigger warning: self-harm, suicide, child sexual abuse] it’s one of my favorite songs and gives me so much hope. the video is pretty intense, so if you don’t think you can handle it, just listen. the song isn’t nearly as triggering. 
  • here’s the acoustic version b/c DAMN THIS WOMAN CAN SING
  • "cause you only get one moment in this life to be great. and you can give it your all despite what it takes. and you never let ‘em kill you, you take everything they give you and throw it right fuckin’ at ‘em and tell ‘em it doesn’t build you. and no it don’t ever break you, and no it can’t overtake you. life’s like a bed of roses, you take the thorns and you make do. sometimes you have to hurt for the cause to be reached, but one day you’ll be stronger than all that you beat.
  • those were lyrics from battle cry, and i think that pretty much sums up her message. she’s all about healing yourself and persevering and rising above, and i think a lot of people can identify with her. 
  • image
  • deep sea diver is a fab song
  • "it’s so important for society to recognize the power of women, i’m all for this new wave of feminism.little girls need to know growing up that they can do what they want, they can be who they want. if they have more female role models like beyoncé and adele they will grow up to be something and not just have to be some man’s arm candy.”
  • "guys pit female rappers against each other because female rappers - if you haven’t noticed of late - are a lot more interesting than guys."
  • she’s queer
  • "i’ve seen innocent children suffer beneath bruises, suffer beneath every single hand that chooses ignorance. fuck your religion, fuck constitutions, fuck superstitions.there are no lakes of fire; they’re here on earth. and the only thing to do is put love first." -  turned macklemore’s “same love” into a masterpiece
  • she loves, appreciations, and interacts with her fans. she wants to save lives and inspire through her music, and that really shines through. her fans are her main priority. she even leaked her album, knowing it could really hurt sales. it was all for her fans, and here’s a video with her explanation.
  • "for me, it’s really important not to look like “i don’t really give a shit about anything” in the mainstream and the mass music industry. i care a lot about my band and my fans. i care a lot about delivering and staying true to my word, to affect people and to touch them.
  • did a remix/cover of cleaning out my closet recounting the abuse she suffered and explaining its effects on her life. [trigger warning: rape, child sexual abuse, eating disorder, psychological trauma] this is not for everyone. i listened once, and i don’t think i have the stomach to go through it again. it’s very, very explicit. but it took a lot of courage for her to do this, so i feel obligated to add it.
  • you’ve probably gathered this by now, but she’s an open book.
  • "my mom knew, when i said i wanted to make this my life, that i was going to tell everything. because if i lie, then what does that make my story?"
  • she is bffs with natalie kills
  • image
  • angel covering drunk in love live
  • "you gotta make the decision to be the one difference in your life and turn it around" - a tribe called red (SHE IS AN AMAZING RAPPER IT’S RIDICULOUS)
  • image
  • image
  • i could say another billion things about angel haze, but hopefully this post will turn you on to her. obviously, she isn’t for everyone, mostly due to the triggering nature of her music. still, if you can handle that, she’s beyond worth it. she has inspired me in so many ways, and her music has had such a profound effect on me. 
  • NOW GO BUY HER ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and here’s her twitter and youtube channel
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se1ep6: Our A-story is a ‘D’ Story

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― Trying to write an essay is like ―








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tattoo blog

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